A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This pug was thrown off Earth, and is flying through space! His only hope is to seek refuge on Mars, but the gravitational pull isn't strong enough to reel him in. Help him eat all the treats he can find until he is heavy enough to make a new home on Mars.

Install instructions

It probably won't run from the itch.io app. Unzip the downloadable file. In the new "pug projectile" folder, run the "pug_projectile" executable file. On Mac, you may be blocked from opening it and have to give permission in System Preferences ("Security & Privacy"). On Windows, the game window will resize to fit the console window, so it will be better if you open the terminal, resize it to be bigger, and drag the executable file directly into your terminal.


pug_projectile_osx.zip 9 MB
pug_projectile_windows.zip 8 MB

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